Don Juan Look-A-Like Just By Wearing a Scarf

In light of an introduction by Ross Heaven to the Freedomseekers Shamanic Conference, Glastonbury, England, 2008

Paleohistory demonstrates that people have worked with plants for a huge number of years, as pharmaceuticals – sustenances, obviously – and as awareness evolving specialists. Indeed, even today 75% of our planet’s individuals depend on meds got from plants – so do the other 25% entirely they just don’t know it on the grounds that the vast majority of our pills and remedies – albeit bundled and misleadingly made – are still delivered from concentrates of plants.


Each plant we eat, bathe in, smell, or touch has its very own cognizance – and changes our awareness as well, regardless of how unpretentiously. So we shouldn’t get hung up on simply the hallucinogenic or entheogenic plants as a course to new understanding.

Terence McKenna, the immense cognizance traveler composed, truth be told, that all of “nature is alive and conversing with us” – a message he pounded home by including “this is not a metaphor”. On the off chance that we just open ourselves to nature, that is, we are headed for self-disclosure and mending – regardless of whether we work with those plants which we in the West call ‘hallucinogenic’.


A few plants, however, have come to more noteworthy noticeable quality as a result of their entheogenic status.

The word entheogen was begat in 1979 by a gathering of ethnobotanists including Gordon Wasson and Richard Evans Schultes. The word ‘hallucinogen’ sounded excessively like ‘hallucination’ to them – as though the dreams these plants uncovered had no genuine ‘reality’ and could subsequently be rejected as the wild imaginings of an inebriated personality.

As Terence McKenna says, in any case, there are additionally “true hallucinations”: dreams which uncover significantly helpful data which can be connected to the world.

For instance, one of these ‘true hallucinations’ may well have prompted the disclosure of the structure of DNA and its renowned twofold helix.

Francis Crick composed that he was attempting to see how DNA functioned one day, and entered what he called an envisioning state while he had this at the forefront of his thoughts; a condition of imagining perhaps supported by a plant…

He longed for snakes writhing together and winding themselves like the serpents of the caduceus. It was “a not immaterial thought”, as he rather modestly puts it – and from that genuine mental trip we now know what DNA looks like.


We’ll return to DNA somewhat later.

Schultes and the others needed to separate instructor plants and visionary partners from hallucinogenics so they were regarded for the endowments they offer, so they landed at the word entheogen.

“In a strict sense”, they stated, “only those vision-creating drugs that can be appeared to have figured in shamanic or religious customs would be assigned entheogens”.

The catchphrase is most likely “rites” on the grounds that there is dependably a custom or function that runs with the utilization of visionary plants – now and again one that continues for quite a long time before the plant is even taken. On our outings to the Amazon, for instance, we set ourselves up for three days before we take our first drink of ayahuasca and, after its all said and done, the ingestion of the plants is inside a strict formal setting. Shamanic work with educator plants is not simply “drug-taking”.

The exacting significance of the word entheogen is “what causes God to be inside a person”. They uncover the awesome inside us through their capacity to extend awareness and reconnect us to All-That-Is.

An enormous extension in cognizance may, in reality, have come about because of the work of our precursors with educator plants – and we may all have entheogens to thank for our capacity to think and reason as we do – regardless of the possibility that we have never taken one ourselves. 40,000 years prior, for instance, there was an unexplained yet tremendous development in the extent of the mind – chiefly in the parts in charge of unique thought, thinking, and what we may call “visioning” or “seeing the future”. It was a development so huge thus quick that it changed the structure of our skulls and gave us the adjusted brows we have today contrasted and our progenitors.

Nobody knows why this happened – however a development in awareness would do it since we would require new dark matter to store the data downloaded from the universe by means of educator plants.

McKenna proposes this: that our seeker accumulate progenitors ran over unique mushrooms amid their scrounging and, eating them, were transported to the divine beings, bringing back Promethean endowments that changed the way of our reality and brought forth civilisation – in the event that you can call what we have today “civilisation”.

After that these mushrooms got to be distinctly consecrated instructors utilized by shamans and medication men to mend and edify their tribes, and by conventional individuals to find what was remarkable inside and around them.


There is a comparative however marginally unique story from the Peruvian Amazon in regards to ayahuasca, the vine of souls. It says that a large number of years prior, individuals lived in concordance with nature and could climb a rope to different universes where they chatted with the spirits of progenitors, creatures, and plants. Everything was great and we found a sense of contentment – until the Moon Man cut the rope and our association with nature was lost.

Why might the Moon Man do a wonder such as this?

In the Amazon, the moon is a manly image and connected with sanity, examination, and rationale; the direct opposite to instinct, association, and mixing – so what this story truly says is that the development of the sound personality dissolves our association with this present reality – the soul world which exists past structures. By utilizing just our sane personalities, we are thrown untied and lost.

To mend their kin and take them back to adjust, the shamans went to the divine beings for their benefit and were given another rope – the ayahuasca vine – by which to move back to the soul world, so all was well once more.


Mind-changing plants have their styles like everything else and for Westerners ayahuasca is by all accounts the plant existing apart from everything else, so I’m going to dedicate some an opportunity to investigating this with you. In any case, I likewise need to give you my expectation for the following educator plant that will be the most critical to our planet.

The ayahuasca mix is really a mix of two plants. The ayahuasca vine – banisteriopsis caapi – and Psychotria viridis – the leaves of the chacruna plant. Combined, they shape a strong visionary blend which is additionally called ayahuasca. The word is a compound of two from the Quechua dialect: aya meaning “spirit or dead person” and huasca meaning “vine” – subsequently “the vine of souls”.

The two plants are taken from the Rainforest sacredly and precisely measured together in a cauldron after the vines have been crushed. Water is included and the blend is gradually bubbled for up to 12 hours (now and then more – I have tipsy a 72-hour mix made by an understudy of Pablo Amaringo), viewed over by a shaman who always converses with the plants and may likewise sing sacrosanct tunes to them, called icaros. Different plants are some of the time added to the blend – like toe for soul flight, or mucura for adjust and vision – however a basic mix would be ayahuasca and chacruna.

Nobody very knows how these two plants came to be included. In the wilderness they as a rule don’t become close to each other and they look divergent so it is not as though their appearance may have recommended joining them.

A few shamans say that long prior, truth be told, the ayahuasca vine was arranged and intoxicated without anyone else’s input (as the Achuar individuals still do) however the dreams it created persuaded that it was pining for its perfect partner – the chacruna.

The ayahuasca soul advised the shamans to go out into the wilderness and discover this perfect partner. “Turn two corners”, it stated, and they would discover the plant to include.

The story fails to understand, course, in light of the fact that there are no ‘corners’ in the wilderness! However, then, ‘making sense’ is not really a course to understanding anything since it conveys us under the control of the Moon Man again and his obsession with rationale.

Rather, the shaman’s clarification is best viewed as a representation for a more principal truth: that the spirits of the plants make their desires clear and that shamans must follow up on what they are told. This is the genuine course to information in the wilderness and in life all the more broadly. Tune in to the spirits.

Strangely, both the vine and the chacruna leaves are pretty much latent and have restricted impact without anyone else’s input in evolving cognizance. At the point when included, however, an intense blend is created. This in itself uncovers a comprehension of pharmacology by shamans which current science is just barely getting up to speed with.

Fundamentally, one of the plants in the ayahuasca blend actuates the most antiquated visionary focuses in our brains: our courses to the oblivious, to the God inside us, and to our association with everything. It is from this that we may draw heavenly forces.

The issue is that there are components in our bodies which work to repress these impacts.

The other plant in the blend, be that as it may, keeps these systems from kicking in. The aftereffect of joining them, then, is to restrain our body’s ‘veto-response’ so we are allowed to investigate the general personality.

The experience is additionally totally normal and natural since it works with the visionary focuses of our own brains. It can keep going for 4 hours or more as we turn into the universe and meet with the lords of recuperating.

The shamanic scientific experts of the rainforest have been blending ayahuasca like this for truly a huge number of years – but it was just around 50 years prior that science found how ayahuasca functions: as I clarified it &ndas